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As we face these difficult economic times, we are committed to getting people connected to training and educational opportunities that will allow for a greater ability to compete as the economy recovers."
Rhonda Simmons - Director of Workforce Development

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San Francisco is home to a diverse population of workers and employers, and the Workforce Development Division is committed to providing services that will help promote the sustainable prosperity of both. Through the development of a comprehensive workforce development strategy, OEWD strives to ensure that San Francisco has a qualified workforce that attracts, retains and expands industries, and enhances the quality of life in the City.

The goals of OEWD’s Workforce Development Division are to:

•  Provide information about employment and training opportunities to City residents
•  Work with other City departments and stakeholders to develop a pipeline of qualified, skilled job candidates
•  Coordinate workforce and economic development efforts to support San Francisco’s workers and industries

OEWD assists businesses in hiring and retaining workers through services such as:

•  Tax credit assistance to reduce the cost of hiring new staff
•  Customized on-the-job-training to help businesses respond to changing technologies and markets
•  Access to qualified job candidates and applicant screening through the One Stop Career Centers
•  Strategy plans and support to avoid unnecessary downsizing

OEWD also works with City departments in assisting SF residents who are changing careers or entering a new field by supporting employment services including:

•  Career counseling and planning to help job seekers along on the path to success
•  Access to job opportunities in San Francisco and across the Bay Area
•  Job training information and resources for qualified individuals

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