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CityBuild, an employment program under the Workforce Development Division of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, provides workforce training and job placement services to San Francisco residents interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry.

The primary functions of the CityBuild program are to assist both job seekers and employers. 

  • CityBuild provides job placement assistance in both apprentice and journey level construction positions. These employment opportunities encompass all trades for San Francisco job seekers who are active members of construction trade unions. 
  • CityBuild Academy is a rigorous fourteen-week pre-apprenticeship program which prepares individuals interested in learning a construction trade for entry-level, unionized positions within the construction industry. The CityBuild Academy and job placement assistance is facilitated in collaboration with Construction Trade Unions, partner Community Based Organizations and City College of San Francisco.
  • CityBuild assists contractors that have been awarded projects in San Francisco with fulfilling their local hiring obligations. The program provides a screened and qualified workforce comprised of skilled San Francisco residents for all phases of work within each project’s scope.

Since the program launched in 2006, CityBuild has played a vital role in providing training and employment opportunities in the construction trades to economically disadvantaged San Francisco residents. In helping a myriad of construction companies fulfill their labor needs and obligations, over 1,300 job placements have been achieved in over 250 projects throughout the City. To learn more about CityBuild, please visit the additional pages listed under our program, on the sidebar to your left.

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