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The Workforce Development Division of the Office of Economic & Workforce Development (OEWD) coordinates the San Francisco Workforce Development System, which is a network of public, private, and nonprofit service providers that serve San Francisco jobseekers and employers.  OEWD strives to ensure that San Francisco has a qualified workforce that attracts, retains and expands industries, and enhances the quality of life in the City.


Workforce Development Division:

The Workforce Development Division has developed a series of tools, resources and initiatives to help workforce development providers better serve the workforce community and to connect job seekers to employment opportunities.  To learn more please visit the About Us section of the website.  Below are a few links to some of these initiatives and resources:

Local Hire
Provider Resources

Business Services:

OEWD offers San Francisco employers the services and assistance they need regardless of where they are in the business cycle.  OEWD works with employers to recruit the talent they need from a pool of local job seekers with diverse backgrounds, all levels of education and experience.  OEWD Business Services staff can assist employers with accessing tax credits and incentives that affect their bottom line.

On the Job Training
Recruitment Assistance

Job Seeker Services:

The Workforce Development Division has developed several strategies and initiatives that strengthen and increase the competitiveness and vitality of San Francisco’s workforce. Please follow the links below to view these pages on our new website
Access Points
Construction Employment Services
Job Transition Assistance Services

Training Programs:

OEWD’s sector-based training programs serve those who are unemployed or underemployed, and/or have been dislocated from their jobs.  These training programs provide job preparation, vocational training, and other services in order to develop a pipeline of skilled and prepared workers for industries facing staffing shortages and/or identified as having short-term or long-term job growth. Follow the links below for more information on these training programs and more!

CityBuild Academy
HealthCare Academy
Hospitality Initiative

Youth Services:

OEWD’s Youth Workforce Services provide San Francisco’s most disadvantaged youth with access to a broad continuum of quality services to ensure that they are equipped with the skills, knowledge and abilities to prepare them for successful employment, academic and life choices by age 25. 


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