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Workforce Investment Community Advisory Committee (WiCAC)

The Workforce Investment Community Advisory Committee (WICAC) was established to advise Workforce Investment San Francisco (WISF) board on the City’s workforce needs and solutions to meet them. The WICAC will identify the “on-the-ground” workforce challenges, and recommend solutions to close gaps in the workforce development infrastructure.

Committee Makeup

WICAC is comprised of seven (7) members that are staff and/or board members of 501(c)3 organizations that provide workforce or support services, or serve as technical assistance or workforce intermediary organizations. They will serve for no more than two consecutive terms lasting 2 years each.

They will be appointed as follows:

• The Board of Supervisors will appoint four (4) members.
• The Transition Aged Youth Taskforce will appoint one (1) member.
• The Homeless Coordinating Board will appoint one (1) member.
• The San Francisco Safe Communities Re-Entry Council will appoint one (1) member.

WICAC members are selected based on their direct experience related to:

• San Francisco’s service delivery capacity and gaps that hinder the City’s ability to cultivate a skilled workforce.
• Special needs and circumstances that prevent San Franciscans from attaining self- sustaining employment.
• How the City can improve its infrastructure to more effectively respond to the dynamic challenges that face residents and employers.

The Committee will annually nominate a Committee Chair (from among its membership), to be appointed by the WISF.

Meetings & Staffing

The WICAC will meet four (4) times per calendar year, once per quarter.

The Office of Economic & Workforce Development will provide staffing support for the quarterly meetings including taking minutes, scheduling of meetings, and insuring compliance with regulations governing the WICAC.


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