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Fillmore Economic Development Project

Project Overview

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), at the request of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, is administering a multi-year economic development program aimed at stabilizing and enhancing the Fillmore commercial district, which runs from McAllister to Post and includes the Webster Street shopping center and businesses located off Fillmore between Webster and Steiner in the target area.

A six-month program development phase that began in March 2010 will produce a prioritized Action Plan for an approximately 3 year program. The Action Plan will identify a mix of activities that will increase vibrancy and sustain improvements in the Fillmore commercial district. It will make specific recommendations for program structure, program implementer, and cost. We will work with community partners to implement key programs.

Action Plan activities will likely include business technical assistance and financing, business attraction, marketing and promotions, streetscape improvements, and façade and tenant improvements. OEWD is including Fillmore in its Neighborhood Marketplace Initiative program (NMI), a commercial corridor revitalization and stabilization program targeting resources to approximately a dozen neighborhood commercial districts in San Francisco.

Project Team Update

Lead Facilitator: Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) has been OEWD’s partner in NMI since 2004. LISC assists with planning, implementation, organizational development, and other support for NMI sites. LISC is acting as the lead facilitator of the program development phase for our Fillmore work. LISC’s staff on this project is Jacob Schultz and Marsha Murrington.

Economic Analysis Consultant: AECOM (formerly EDAW). AECOM has completed the Chinatown Economic Action Plan for OEWD and is working on the Bayshore Boulevard Economic Action Plan. AECOM’s lead on this project is Alexander Quinn.

Data Collection Assistance: University of San Francisco interns working with the Director of the Gellert Family Business Foundation, Monika Hudson, will provide data collection assistance.

Community Outreach Assistance: Brothers for Change (BFC) will provide community outreach assistance for community workshops, expert panel walks, and will help conduct resident surveys. BFC’s lead on this project will be Majeid Crawford.

OEWD Staff: Amy Cohen, Andrea Baker & Lisa Pagan

Program Development Phase Overview (March 2010 – August 2010)

· Review: We will review all prior plans, studies, economic and demographic data on the Fillmore neighborhood. 

· Analysis: We will develop a business and building inventory, including business mix analysis and building condition analysis. 

· Expert Walks: There will be two walks in the district – one day, one evening – that will solicit expert opinions from economic analysis and commercial revitalization experts who will participate in a panel discussion immediately following each walk. The public will be invited to attend these discussions, and we encourage all merchants and stakeholders to attend. These walks are scheduled for May 25 (11:30 AM – 1:30 PM), and June 3 (6:30 – 8:30 PM) 

· Stakeholder Interviews: We will interview 30+ community stakeholders. Stakeholder interviews will be conducted May 17 – June 17. 

· Merchant Surveys: We will conduct surveys with as many Fillmore district merchants as possible. These interviews will take place between May 17 and June 17 

· Resident Surveys: Surveys will be conducted, in part, by Brothers for Change (BFC), via survey table set up at Safeway, on line surveys, and other survey tools. Resident Surveys will begin on May 17; and continue through June 17. 

· Property Owners Focus Group: The Fillmore Community Benefits District (CBD) will organize and host a property owner focus group. This focus group is scheduled for June 2. 

· Community Workshops: Two Community Workshops will be conducted, the first tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 30, 6 – 8 PM. The consultants will present their findings, get community input on appropriate business mix, physical investments, and programmatic activities that can improve business conditions in the Fillmore commercial district and ask the community to prioritize the activities and investments. The second workshop will tentatively take place on Thursday, July 22, 6 – 8 PM. Consultants will prepare and present final recommendations and strategies, which will incorporate the feedback received at the earlier workshop and will discuss implementation strategies with meeting participants. Both Community Workshops will be held at the West Bay Conference Center. 

· Final written report will be prepared and completed by staff in August.

For additional information and questions regarding this project, please contact:

Andrea Baker,

Office of Economic & Workforce Development

415-749-2496 (office)/ 415-351-8427 (cell)

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