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For a City with a relatively small geographic footprint, San Francisco has a large number of valuable but underutilized federal, state and City-owned parcels. From decommissioned Navy bases to closed bus yards to vacant historical buildings to the waterfront, these sites offer us the unique opportunity to create wide-reaching public benefits such as parks and open space, jobs, and affordable housing on a small and large scale. And by structuring these projects as public-private partnerships, the City can create critical public benefits without diverting scarce resources from even more basic civic needs such as public health, police and fire services.

OEWD’s Joint Development Division is tasked with realizing the promise of these important development projects. During the complex process of transferring and redeveloping these sites and parcels along the waterfront, the Division serves as the City’s lead negotiator on these projects, as well as the principal conduit between federal, state and City departments, the private sector and the many community interests involved. For more information on specific San Francisco development projects, see the navigation at left.

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