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ChinaSF Update

ChinaSF: Getting Results 

Over the past few months of operations, ChinaSF has forged ahead with business deals, relationship-building with key Chinese central government figures overseeing international commerce, and events to publicize and further develop the ties between San Francisco and China.

Business Development
Finance - Helping to secure the financial infrastructure between China and San Francisco, ChinaSF and its partners are actively working with four of the top Chinese banks towards establishing commercial banking and investment activity in San Francisco.

Digital Media – ChinaSF is working closely with its Board members to direct activity of this fast growing Chinese industry to San Francisco. During its April 2010 trip to China, ChinaSF met with Tim Chen, CEO of Shanda Holdings. One of the top digital media/entertainment companies in China, ChinaSF is helping to facilitate Shanda’s strong international interests to San Francisco’s vibrant new media community. Following the April trip, ChinaSF hosted the executives of one of Shanda’s subsidiaries in San Francisco, moving towards securing their future presence in San Francisco.

Announced in June, ChinaSF welcomed to San Francisco., formerly headquartered in Utah, moved to San Francisco for its strong digital media workforce. ChinaSF worked with CEO, Anne Dwayne, to host the Chinese Ministry of Education and 25 Chinese universities in helping to kick-off’s San Francisco headquarters presence.

Cleantech – Already having brought 5 solar companies to San Francisco, ChinaSF continues to work with leading firms of China’s photovoltaic industry. In the past months, the North American President of another Chinese solar company (announcement pending) is moving quickly towards establishing its future North American HQ in San Francisco and also locating a manufacturing operation in the US.

Outbound to China – China holds immense opportunity for San Francisco Bay Area businesses. ChinaSF has continued to connect Bay Area businesses with important introductions in China. Over the past year and a half, ChinaSF has assisted over a dozen companies in such a manner in the industries of biotech, architecture/urban development, digital media, and cleantech.

Key Central Government Relationships
The Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MofCom) plays an essential role in China’s market. Representing the City of San Francisco’s Office of the Mayor, ChinaSF has forged a deeper relationship with MofCom. Through expanding this connection, ChinaSF raises San Francisco’s profile as a premier destination for Chinese government-directed business activity. Some recent examples include:

May, 2010 – After initiating a relationship during the initiative’s trip to China in April 2010, ChinaSF hosted Mr. Yu Hua, Deputy Director of the Chinese Investment Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Commerce, in San Francisco. Mr. Yu led a delegation of 25 companies to explore the city and its biotech industry. As the host for the delegation, ChinaSF facilitated a tour of Mission Bay and hosted a luncheon event between the delegation and top executives from San Francisco-based biotech companies. With the objective to promote the San Francisco Bay Area wine industry’s export efforts, ChinaSF also hosted a private tour of Napa Valley wineries for Mr. Yu.

June, 2010 – ChinaSF held a small breakfast event for Vice Minister Wang Chao, of MofCom, at the Fairmont Hotel. Inviting an exclusive group of ChinaSF platinum sponsors, ChinaSF facilitated an important business-government exchange with Vice Minister Wang and his delegation.

Shanghai Expo - Celebrating the accomplishments of a 30 year Sister City relationship with Shanghai, ChinaSF co-hosted the SF Week reception at the Shanghai Expo with the San Francisco- Shanghai Sister City Committee. Congratulations to the Sister City Committee for a successful week-long celebration.

Chinese Consulate General – Consul General Gao of the People’s Republic of China’s Consulate General in San Francisco hosted a private dinner to continue to deepen the working relationship between ChinaSF and the Chinese Consulate. ChinaSF invited a small group of its high-level investors to show appreciation for their active support of this important economic development initiative.

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