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The City of San Francisco owes much of its global appeal to the unique character of its neighborhood commercial districts. OEWD’s Neighborhood Economic Development Division is responsible for the ongoing support and improvement of the City’s many neighborhood commercial districts. The overall goals of the division are to create cleaner, safer and more vibrant neighborhoods in order to increase the quality of life for the City’s residents and workers; and to create economic opportunities for residents of the City’s low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. 

Programs include:

  • Invest in Neighborhoods is creating and implementing customized plans in 25 neighborhood commercial districts around the City.

  • Central Market Partnership is a public-private initiative to strengthen and revitalize San Francisco's central City area.

  • The Community Benefit District (CBD) program supports the creation and maintenance of special assessment areas in commercial districts around the City that are dedicated to improving quality of life and economic conditions.

  • OEWD offers a variety of grant and loan programs to small business owners, nonprofits, and neighborhood groups.

  • The Jobs Squad is a team of City that provides proactive outreach and technical assistance to small businesses around the City.
  • The proposed San Francisco Plaza Program aims to support community-based groups in stewarding and activating local plazas.

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