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Recommendations from the Working Group on Community Development: June 2009

Last December, the City announced plans to merge the Mayor's Office of Community Investment (MOCI) with the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) in order to create better coordination between two agencies with similar missions, while saving an estimated $1 million. The context for this decision was the City’s unprecedented budget deficit—a projected $576 million at that time—and the need to streamline functions and find new efficiencies in local government. The proposal was later modified to include assignment of some MOCI staff and functions to the Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families (DCYF).

When a mid-April budget hearing brought to light concerns regarding the effect of the proposed merger on the City’s long-standing community development program, and its impact on community-based organizations and small businesses, OWED and Supervisor John Avalos invited Pamela H. David, Executive Director of the Walter & Elise Haas Fund and former head of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Community Development, to chair a working group on community development in San Francisco. The Working Group on Community Development (WGCD) included representatives from the Board of Supervisors, City departments, the Citizen’s Committee on Community Development (CCCD), nonprofits, and community advocates. Several community development professionals also participated.

Operating under aggressive timeline, the WGCD reached agreement on the set of recommendations identified in this report. This report also proposes a working definition of community development and identifies essential elements that need to be in place to support an effective community development strategy.


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