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China's re-emergence as one of the world's largest and strongest economies provides unprecedented economic opportunities for San Francisco. San Francisco has enjoyed deep cultural and economic ties with China for more than 150 years. The city is well known across China, and because more than 25% of the City's population is of Chinese ancestry, there is no other place in North America where Chinese business men and women will feel more comfortable and welcome. Many San Francisco companies, including our leading legal, financial, architecture, engineering and technology firms, are already doing business in China. But as China's economy continues to mature, more and more Chinese companies will need to establish North American headquarters and business operations—and San Francisco should be their first choice.

San Francisco's ChinaSF initiative is here to help Chinese companies in every stage of the decision-making and relocation process. San Francisco's China Economic Development Initiative, ChinaSF, has bilingual staff and offices in San Francisco, Shanghai and Beijing to support this century and a half-long exchange of ideas and innovation.

For information and assistance, contact Darlene Chiu Bryant, ChinaSF Executive Director,, 415-352-8873.

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