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Retail & Hospitality: What's New

EVENTS - Hotel Incentives Workshop: Tax Relief and Business Assistance for San Francisco Hotels
In partnership with the Hotel Council of SF, the workshop was held on Monday, May 18, at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. Click on the above link to learn about tax incentives, green rebate programs and other business assistance efforts presented at the workshop.

Over the past decade, San Francisco has identified underutilized areas throughout the City for redevelopment. Today, these areas represent some of the most desirable commercial and residential real estate in the City, offering new and relocating companies the opportunity to be involved in groundbreaking new commercial communities.

Hotel Development
- Candlestick Point: 150 rooms; opening date: 2015-17
- Treasure Island: 2-4 hotels, up to 600 rooms; opening date: TBD
- Mission Bay: Up to 500 rooms; opening date: TBD
- Transbay Terminal: Rooms and opening date TBD
- Port (@Washington and Embarcadero Streets): RFP issued in Fall 2008

Retail Development
Candlestick Point: Large scale retail development project modeled after San Jose’s Santana retail center. Scheduled opening: 2015-17
- Treasure Island, Transbay, Mission Bay: Small business retail development opportunities. Scheduled opening: TBD

Get the most recent updates on policies, projects and other government issues impacting our local Retail and Hospitality business environment.

Formula Retail Ordinance
Large Tourist Hotel Conversion Ordinance

Catch up on the latest Retail and Hospitality sector news and projects.

Tourist Improvement District Comes to SF

Mayor Newsom Launches ShopSF. Get More

Find out how the economy is impacting the local Retail and Hospitality sectors. Coming soon!

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