Central Market Partnership

In January 2010, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) launched the Central Market Partnership, a public/private initiative to renew and coordinate efforts to revitalize the Market Street neighborhood between 5th Street and Van Ness Avenue. The City's goal is to restore Central Market as San Francisco's downtown arts district while inviting in new retail, restaurants, and businesses to take advantage of the transit rich corridor that serve the adjacent Tenderloin and SOMA neighborhoods. OEWD is leading this multi-agency effort to reinvest in this neighborhood Multiple City Agencies. nonprofit organizations, and private sector partners are coordinating efforts to implement the Central Market Economic Strategy (CMES) developed in November 2011.

The Central Market Economic Strategy (pdf), an economic development strategy to revitalize Central Market and the adjacent neighborhoods is the result of a 10-month public process that identified programs and policies to revitalize the Central Market district; while supporting the neighborhood’s culture and diverse population. The strategy aims to guide economic development priorities and investments to include increasing economic opportunity the existing community, activating the public realm, enhancing the creative arts community, reducing vacancies, building community capacity, and improving safety. OEWD is currently conducting a two-year evaluation of the CMES to analyze tangible outcomes.

Central Market/Tenderloin Technical Assistance Program:

FREE services for select small business and non-profit arts organizations include:

Business Attraction. OEWD is working with property owners to encourage upgrading, leasing or sale of buildings, and is conducting outreach to the arts and retail communities to cultivate interest in Market Street locations. If you are interested in available properties, please see Storefrontsf.

The Central Market Street and Tenderloin Area Payroll Expense Tax Exclusion exempts eligible businesses that are relocating within the defined exclusion area from additional payroll tax as they add jobs during any six years in an eight-year period. Businesses interested in learning more and applying can get more information here.

Keeping/Attracting Arts and Cultural Organizations. Central Market is home to a wide variety of arts and cultural organizations and OEWD provides a range of assistance to nonprofit arts organizations interested in relocating to the district or with business stabilization or technical assistance.  San Francisco offers a broad range of technical assistance programs and resources for businesses, non-profits, and other arts and culture organizations located along or near Central Market.

With many arts, culture, and community organizations in the area, the Central Market, Civic Center and Tenderloin neighborhood has a menu of events and activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. For more information, please visit www.epicenter-sf.org

For more information on Central Market, please contact:
Ellyn Parker, Project Manager
Office of Economic and Workforce Development


UN Plaza Art Market
UN Plaza Art Market

  Mayor Lee's Tour of Central Market  
  Check out Mayor Lee's presentation at the 2012 SF Business Times Structures event. He gave the audience a tour through Central Market highlighting the changes to the neighborhood. The tour begins at the 23:15 mark here.  


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