Business Success Stories

“As a San Francisco-based firm, we have always felt the influence of the relationship our city has with China. I have personally been interested in China for several years, and started aggressively developing our business there about 5 years ago. ChinaSF has created a critical business exchange platform that has helped my firm expand this work in China. Specifically, it has helped me focus my work and develop new urban planning and architectural projects through key connections developed through my participation with ChinaSF both in San Francisco and in mainland China. Furthermore, as a bridge between China and San Francisco, ChinaSF has helped us export some of the City of San Francisco's innovative green building policies to China. Our projects in China utilize the green planning techniques and strategies that we've incubated in San Francisco's green building community, and that expertise is highly valued over there. Simultaneously, the bridge from China back to San Francisco also holds great promise.”
--Jeff Heller
President, Heller Manus Architects
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"Pfizer's move to Mission Bay presents a unique opportunity for collaboration with world-class biomedical scientists and biotech organizations in the heart of the Bay Area's most exciting new biomedical community. This setting, next door to U.C.S.F.'s Mission Bay campus, positions Pfizer's Biotherapeutics and Bioinnovation Center for success in the pursuit of the most innovative science and the recruitment of the best scientists, while also allowing researchers to easily mingle, exchange ideas and collaborate. We are grateful to the Mayor and to the City for their partnership in this endeavor."
--Cory Goodman
President, Biotherapeutics and Bioinnovation Center

“We always knew it would be ideal to be adjacent to UCSF in Mission Bay. It was the City’s decisive actions in other arenas—tax relief for Biotech firms, expedited permitting and relaxed parking restrictions—that sent the strong message that the City is committed to Biotech. We needed to see this level of commitment before making our plans, and the City came through.”
--Gail Maderis
Chief Executive Officer
FivePrime Therapeutics

“We started Sugar Bowl Bakery in 1984 in San Francisco as a small neighborhood bakery. The City has always been our valued partner––with their support and help we have since grown to be one of the largest wholesale bakeries in Northern California. In 2002 we opened a manufacturing plant in the Bay View district. The Office of Economic and Workforce Development pro-actively contacted us and conducted a site visit to understand our business needs better and see if there was anything the City could do to make our area an even more competitive place to do business. Shortly after hearing our concerns about low street lighting around our facility, OEWD worked with the appropriate city departments to install energy efficient lights around our facility which has which allowed us to focus on growing our business.”
--Andrew Ly
Sugar Bowl Bakery

“The City has been a great partner for SMWM. We have worked with the Port of San Francisco on the Ferry Building and Pier 1, OEWD's Base Reuse and Real Estate Development Division on the plans for Mission Bay and Hunter’s Point, and the Planning Department on all our education buildings and of course the Transbay Tower and Terminal, among others. Always, we have been approached with openness and candor, and an eagerness to get things right.”
--Cathy Simon
Founding Principal

"Because of the Office of Base Reuse and Development, Treasure Island has become a national model of how a large development project can help the City support people of all socio-economic backgrounds. In partnership with the Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative, the City has committed some of the most valuable real estate in the country to creating housing, jobs and services to formerly homeless individuals."
--Sherry Williams
Executive Director
Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative

“OEWD has been our sponsor and advocate for many CBD projects in Noe Valley. They have helped us navigate the bureaucracy of the San Francisco City government and led us to the decision-makers. We have planted 126 trees, installed 25 flower baskets, remodeled a city parking lot park, installed new benches and kept 24th Street free of graffiti and litter—and we could not have done any of it without OEWD’s infusion of perseverance.”
--Debra Niemann
Executive Director
Noe Valley CBD


  “We carried forward $623,155 in Enterprise Zone tax credits, which will be used to offset our future taxable income."

  Marissa Andres
Marissa Andres
San Francisco Automotive
Parts Warehouse

  “San Francisco is a great place to find talent. What surprises me is the number of people who qualify for these jobs. Recently, we had 217 qualified applicants for a lab tech position; we didn’t even advertise for a graduate-level applicant, but we ended up with one because of the overwhelming number of qualified applicants.”  
Michael Farmer
Michael Farmer
COO & Director
Prosetta Corporation