2010 Workforce Investment San Francisco Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

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Meeting Minutes

Supporting Documents

February 24, 2010



Notice of Rules Change*; Amendments to Bylaws*; Item 1; Item 2; Item 3; Item 4

May 26, 2010



Item 2:  Draft Minutes of Feb. 24, 2010 Meeting; Item 3:  Memo on Action to Approve Local Area Plan Modification;

August 25,  2010    



Item 2: Draft Minutes of May 26, 2010 Meeting; Economic Update Presentaiton; Program Spotlights:  Sector Academy Presentation, Business Services Presentation
December 1, 2010 available Available Item 2:  Draft Minutes of August 25, 2010 Meeting; Program Resource Guide; OEWD Symposium Presentation; WiCAC Report to WISF

*Per the bylaws of the Workforce Investment San Francisco (WISF) Board any and all changes or amendments to the bylaws must be noticed 30 days in advance of the next meeting.  The Notice of Rules Change and Amendments to Bylaws is in keeping with the bylaws of the WISF Board.

If there are any questions or concerns with this information, please contact us at 415-581-2335 or by email: workforce.development@sfgov.org. Thank you!

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